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Super scoreball is a three-period battle for scoring supremacy. It's easy to learn. In fact, it takes about fifteen minutes for players to learn the basic rules. Teams are led into battle by their Field Commander (coach). Each team possesses a customized battle chest and team flag. The game begins with a tug of war to determine which team earns first ball possession. Everyone participates, not just the starters. An authentic, olympic size, 75 foot rope is used. The winning team earns an immediate scoring opportunity in a round tripper scenario. After any missed shot during the round tripper, the ball becomes live: Ball movement up and down the field is the same as in soccer, players kick the ball up and down the field to move it. However, once players arrive in the scoring zones in front of the net structure, they have a choice on how to score points; kick the ball into the net structure for two points, or kick the ball up into the air to a teamate. Once a teammate catches the ball, they may toss it into the left or right tower opening for three points, or pass it off to another teamate. They may take up to three steps while dribbling the ball with their hands. Defensive players may not catch the ball, they may only swat it in an attempt to break up the attempted scoring activity. The ball may not be picked up off the ground. Intentional grounding is not allowed. If a team scores, the Tower Watch (goalie) has five seconds to put the ball back into play. The battle is officiated by a Senior Chief, and two Chief officials. Each team has a battle chest and flag staff, and team flag.