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Super Scoreball To Be Introduced To The World In Boston

CAMBRIDGE, MA The founder and current Commissioner of Super Scoreball, Mark Wilmot of Webster, Massachusetts is setting the stage for the rollout of Super Scoreball, a new team sport, by planning an annual tournament in the Boston region. Super Scoreball is a fast-paced sport that requires players to use basketball and soccer type skills to move the ball and score points.  According to Davalia Wilmot, World Super Scoreball's Operations Manager, the two-part introduction tournament will include an event for special needs children, followed by an invitational tournament between college club teams. "It's a big undertaking, to introduce a new sport to the world, but once we put it together, the tournament will grow in size and scope each consectutive year until a national champion is crowned, and eventually a world champion, hopefully by year by year five."

When it comes presenting the new sport to the world, Commissioner Wilmot is seriously strtegic about the planning stage; he has already met with Congressman James McGovern, and State Senator Michael Moore to gather support, as well as the staff from Boston's Office of Tourism, Sports, and Entertainment. Beyond that, Wilmot has also reached out to former First Lady Michelle Obama for support in launching what he says "is the third great team sport to emerge from Massachusetts after basketball and volleyball." Wilmot says that former First Lady is invited to hand out team awards at the annual tournament because "she has a on-going interest in youth health and fitness, having created the Keep Kids Moving intititative."  Commissioner Wilmot is looking forward to an announcment soon concerning the date and location of the tournament which he envisions happening during or after the Labor Day weekend. "It would be ideal to have the tournament on a high quality athletic field at Harvard for media exposure. World Super Scoreball staff have also met with a representative of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and The Jimmy Fund to discuss arrangements for a long term charitable partnership. Wilmot stresses that he is open to all tournament ideas and suggestions, and says he is seeking corporate support in the form of sponsorship and financing.