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This is what the scoring structure looks like:
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Vision Statement

SOCIAL IMPACT: World Super Scoreball plans to introduce an exciting hybrid team sport and associated equipment and products during 2016-2030. The roll-out of this new sport onto the world stage means that World Super Scoreball will grow from a small Massachusetts-based entity, to a global business within a short period of time, providing fitness and leadership opportunities to hundreds of thousands of people, while also rewarding those who had the generosity and courage to support the founder of Super Scoreball by looking to the future and helping to make it happen.

World Super Scoreball will ensure its success by generating positive and momentous change in the sports world by providing increased levels of physical fitness, athleticism, and leadership opportunities to all individuals who are introduced to the team sport of the next millennium, Super Scoreball.

Mission Statement

World Super Scoreball is a total-quality organization focused on achieving business success by;

(1) Providing positive change and excitement to the entire sports world by presenting super scoreball concepts and associated products and services, in a high-quality manner.

(2) Encouraging higher levels of physical fitness, leadership, and espirit de corps (team spirit) among young people by introducing them to the game of super scoreball, it concepts, and its products.The business objectives of World Super Scoreball Federation are to:

Create and promote a new world-wide sport

Create and promote new products associated with the sport

Create and promote new marketplaces for associated products

Create and promote both a player, and fan base to grow the sport

Create and promote a mega-venue for product sponsors

Create and promote national and international leagues

Create professional franchises across the world

Support Physical Fitness

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